Crackle Rattle Bash


Crackle Rattle Bash - Flashback

30 years later more tunes from this awesome Dutch neorockabilly band on vinyl. Compilation of demo, live and rehearsals songs, remastered by us. Previously unissued


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1. Spiderman
2. When You Wanna Go
3. There Was A Time
4. Baby Blue Eyes
5. Am I To Blame
6. I Really Know
7. You Call Me Back
8. Gone
9. Never Look Back
10. Won’t You Come Back No More?
11. Tear It Up
12. That Don’t Move Me
13. I’ll Be Leaving You
14. Walkin In The Night
15. Beautiful Delilah
16. Get Out Of My Head
17. My Generation
18. Why Hang A Patato On An Appletree
19. Black Train
20. If You Want A Revolution

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Dimensions 12 × 12 in

Black, Black/Limited, Blue white, Brown, Green black, Red white, Test press


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