Get Beered Up!



It needed 37 years to been released, but it’s better serve, get beered up!
Psycho Katz from Hammel-Hempstead, the band left only demo and rehearsals records. Now remastered and released on wax. Incl. the first original version of Life in a coffin, later played by the Rattlers.
Limited to 300 copies, 50 of each kind


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1. My Baby’s A Maniac
2. Life In A Coffin
3. Insane
4. Lonesome Train
5. Love Me
6. Rock On The Moon
7. Honey Don’t
8. Insane
9. Wild Thing
10. Lonesome Train
11. She’s Not There
12. Wildcat Tamer
13. House Of The Lost
14. Smash It Up
15. Life In A Coffin
16. I’m Crazed
17. Domino
18. Baby’s A Maniac
19. Gingers
20. Get Off My Cloud
21. Insane
22. Insane (Take2)
23. Life In A Coffin
24. Lonesome Train
25. Insane (Take 3)
26. Another Half Hour Till Sunrise
27. Island Of The Lost Souls

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Dimensions 12 × 12 in

Black, Black white, Black/Limited, Red white, Silver black, Yellow black


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