The Trip.

The Outer Limits.


Complete or almost complete official recordings of this London based band, that appeared on classical Nervous recs samplers such as “Hell’s bent on rockin” and was a resident of 80s rockin mecca – KlubFoot.
Sure that’s not all, ammended with previously unissued stuff such as The Ace and the Trip, the song that Dave Phillips performed on the 1st Psycho Attack sampler but originally written by the Outer Limits. Also, some live songs that you haven’t listened to before.

Limited to 200 copies

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side a
01 – Teenage cutie (zorch factor)
02 – Well I love you baby (hellsbent on rockin)
03 – One thousand miles (demo86)
04 – Edge of time
05 – The car
06 – Lago
07 – The quest
08 – Tell me (single)

side b
01 – The chase (single)
02 – The ace
03 – The trip
04 – Wipe out/tell me (live)
05 – Fiasco (live)
06 – The ace (live)
07 – Cry of the banshee (live)


Dimensions 12 × 12 in

Black, Clear, Orange, White


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