Ragtime Inferno

Dr. Jopo


Dr. Jopo - Ragtime Inferno

Good old ragtime psychobilly by Dr. Jopo now remastered from original tapes and available on wax!
Some crazy tunes with firm slide guitar sound and stompin slapbass together with voodoo drums, dead prostitutes, maniacs, rippers, jack daniel’s, rapers and murderers..
What else?
A good portion of Ragtime!
It’s time for Ragtime Inferno!
300 pcs
Dr. Jopo LP black/white cover black vinyl ltd.150
Dr. Jopo LP black/white cover black with white splatter vinyl ltd.50
Dr. Jopo LP black/white cover white with black splatter vinyl ltd.50
Dr. Jopo LP colored cover black vinyl ltd.50
PS: first time splatter LPs. Look at the pictures! Thanx for idea to Pinche Ricky
PSPS: and if someone has missed:


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1. 200 Miles
2. Sunshine
3. Charly The Rapist
4. Psycho Sun
5. Psycho Killer
6. Pink Panther
7. Blue Ford
8. Piano
9. Crazy Not Insane
10. Showgirls
11. Remus
12. Stay Psycho
13. 1,2 Prostituted
14. Lord I Promise
15. Midnight



Dimensions 12 × 12 in


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