Long Time Dead

The Radiacs

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Radiacs Mixdown

Radiacs – Long Time Dead LP (2022)
The collection of rarities from the famous Sheffield quartet. Includes the very first demo recorded in Take 2 Club in 1987, the band was EP Hillbillys back then and shortly after the recording has been renamed to the Radiacs. Also there you’ll find some live cuts from the gig in Dortmund, 1990. The last one, but not the least for sure is the recording from 1995 that partially appeared as a single issued on 7” and as a bonus tracks to “Return of the Radiacs” album.
Long time dead, but not forgotten.
Limted to 150 copies

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1. The Way I Walk
2. Hellraiser
3. Tramps
4. Endless Sleep
5. Women N Wine
6. Shakin All Over
7. Pipeline
8. Twenty Flight Rock
9. Slippin In
10. Rock This Town
11. Rockin Rhythm
12. She’s My Witch
13. It’s My Life
14. Honey You’re Mine
15. With Your Love
16. Square Daddy Blues
17. She’s My Turtle Dove
18. I’m Gonna Get There
19. Thinkin Of You
20. Ready For A Take Then
21. Wouldn’t Do Anything Baby


Dimensions 12 × 12 in

Black, Black/Limited, Red white


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